March Main Event
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March Main Event

March Main Event

Welcome to Season 1 Main Event!

It will be Saturday, March 31st @ Easy Street Bar

STARTING AT 5:00 pm sharp. 20 minutes will be the allowed late time. After 5:20 pm tables will be closed!

Address: 15033 Nacogdoches Rd # 304, San Antonio, TX 78247

Bring your Poker Infinity Card Protector for 20k, ONLY 1 left! If you do not have your Poker Infinity Card Protector ask us for one! They are $3.00, PICK YOURS UP QUICK! Again, Only 1 left!

First Place will win $150.00 CASH and Second Place will win $50.00 CASH


  • A List of guarantee seats for the qualifiers of the 25k bonus will be posted on the 28th.
  • Maximum players is 50
  • Come early to make sure you have a seat to play! There is no guarantee you will have a seat if you are not on the list! So come on early and grab a seat!
  • IF Seats are still available you will only have 20 minutes after 5 to be allowed in. Once 5:20pm has passed tables will be closed!