All of March Bonus

All of March Bonus

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Here are the winner’s pictures from January and February!



If you have placed 1st, you will receive a BONUS of 15k for Games 1 & 2 for all of March!

Here is the list of qualifiers for the BONUS!

  • Sherry
  • Juan
  • Weston
  • Kenny
  • Ron
  • Roland
  • Bonnie
  • Michaele
  • John
  • Michael
  • Haley
  • KC
  • JP
  • Fernando
  • Allison
  • Josh

ANYONE WHO PLACES 1st this month in MARCH will get a 25k BONUS in the next Main Event, Saturday March 31st!

Bonus can only be applied once! But you can still go after first and take the chances of anyone else getting the bonus! tehe

Main Event Date will be Saturday March 31st! Game will start at 5pm sharp!


  • A List of guarantee seats for the qualifiers of the 25k bonus will be posted on the 28th.
  • Maximum players is 50
  • Come early to make sure you have a seat to play! There is no guarantee you will have a seat if you are not on the list! So come on early and grab a seat!
  • IF Seats are still available you will only have 20 minutes after 5 to be allowed in. Once 5:20pm has passed tables will be closed!