Season 3 Main Event 1

Season 3 Main Event

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Season 3 Main Event 1

Welcome to Season 3 Main Event!


It will be Sunday, September 30th @ Easy Street Bar

Check-In will be at 3:00 pm

Seating will be at 3:30 pm

STARTING AT 4:00 pm sharp

Starting Stack will be 25k

After 5:00 pm tables will be closed!

Address: 15033 Nacogdoches Rd # 304, San Antonio, TX 78247

Bring your Poker Infinity Card Protector Season 3 Chip “The Gray One :-)” for 20k on top of your starting stack (If you do not have yours with you will not get the bonus)

First Place will win $150.00 CASH and Second Place will win $50.00 CASH


We will have hot dogs and chips for food

The following list of players have a guaranteed seat in the Season 3 Main Event for placing 1st in the Month of September. They will also receive 25k on top of the starting stack of 25k for getting 1st in the Month of September.

  • Stephanie B.
  • Angel
  • Dan F.
  • Annette F.
  • Ray G.
  • Kenny F.
  • Mike B.
  • Razo G.
  • Duane D.
  • Jimmy S.
  • Wally S.

Maximum players are 50

  • Come early to make sure you have a seat to play! There is no guarantee you will have a seat if you are not on the list! So come on early and grab a seat!