April Winners

  • Tuesday - April 24th

    Arrive 15 minutes early and get 5k BONUS

    Bring a new player and get 15k BONUS for each game

    New players always receive 10k

    NEW Poker Infinity Card Protector Chips for sale! $5

    Buy one and get 20k BONUS for the first game, 20k BONUS for the second game, or split and get 10k BONUS each game! - These work just like last seasons chips!

    Hole cards: King - Queen (win, lose, or fold - must show the director to receive the 5k BONUS at the END OF THE HAND. We don't want to give the table any information before they have a chance to ACT. - hehe)

    • Hand of the night: Flush - King High (You MUST win at SHOWDOWN to receive the 10k BONUS)

2018 Winners