June Winners

  • Tuesday - June 19th

    • BONUS LIST! If you are on the list below you will receive 15k for the start of each game ALL MONTH OF JUNE!
    • Mike
    • Juan
    • Tammy
    • Doug
    • Michaele
    • Anthony
    • Weston
    • Carmen
    • Jaimie
    • Ron
    • Dan
    • Bonnie
    • Duane
    • TOP 5 from the first game will get a 10k bonus for second game!
    • Bring a new player and get 15k BONUS for each game
    • New players always receive 10k

    NEW Poker Infinity Card Protector Chips for sale! $5

    Buy one and get 20k BONUS for the first game, 20k BONUS for the second game, or split and get 10k BONUS each game! - These work just like last seasons chips!

    • Hole cards: Ace - King (win, lose, or fold - must show the director to receive the 5k BONUS at the END OF THE HAND. We don't want to give the table any information before they have a chance to ACT. - hehe)
    • Hand of the night: Straight - Ace High (You MUST win at SHOWDOWN to receive the 10k BONUS)
    ***WIN FIRST and get 25k Bonus for the JUNE MAIN EVENT
    The following players will get the 25k Bonus for the JUNE MAIN EVENT
    • Bryan
    • Kristine
    • Tammy
    • Allison

2018 Winners