March Winners

  • Tuesday - March 20th

    All of March Bonus

    Arrive 15 minutes early and get 5k BONUS

    Bring a new player and get 15k BONUS for each game

    New players always receive 10k

    Bring your Poker Infinity Card Protector and get 20k BONUS for the first game, 20k BONUS for the second game, or split and get 10k BONUS each game!

    New Card Protectors! 5

    Hole cards: Eight - Five (win, lose, or fold - must show the director to receive the 5k BONUS at the END OF THE HAND. We don't want to give the table any information before they have a chance to ACT. - hehe)

    • Hand of the night: Three of a kind 5's (You MUST win at SHOWDOWN to receive the 10k BONUS)

2018 Winners